This is my first time posting a song, I'd just like some feedback.
If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate.

Take your place upon the line, boy,
make the most of it.
Lay your back against the wall,
pray for the best.
There ain't no one who can help you now,
might as well forget.
You've been sentenced to meet your maker,
make a mess of it.

Sail out across the ocean,
never coming back.
I'm top of the list, to push you under,
never coming up.
You make me laugh because you can't refuse,
a chance to see me off guard.
I pick you up and you bring me under,
When i'm all fed up.

Say an incantation,
to take the taste away.
Say it over in your head boy,
Until the feeling fades.
Last chance to stop and suffer,
are you full up?
I feel you breaking under pressure,
break a little more.

Can't help but feel that, oh,
we're going down.
Can't help me anymore,
we're going down.
Help wasted on another,
going down.
Help tainted, oh,
we're going down.