So our club at school, the Coalition, is involved deeply with the Invisible Children foundation, more specifically Schools for Schools.

We're looking to put together a CD that we could sell and give the proceeds directly to Schools for Schools to help build a library/schoolhouse and buy textbooks for kids in northern Uganda.

So basically, we'd love it if we could have non-exclusive rights (we can sell it but you keep the copyrights) to some of your music. Be it one song or two or three (not two many, but feel free to submit a couple and we'll choose the best), we'll take what you give.

We'd prefer it sound professional, no far-off mic'ed guitar amps and such. However, you don't need to be signed or anything.

Don't care what genre, as long as it sounds good.

It'd be even sweeter if you could create a song specifically for the CD.

We'll have an actual CD that we'll sell at local stores/gigs, as well as put it up on iTunes/eMusic/whatever else we can.

Thanks for your help!


EDIT: I'll be setting up a purevolume/myspace specifically for this soon. Release date is gonna be April/May, most likely. Ideas/suggestions/submissions, PM me here, message me on purevolume (in my sig,) or email me at reverse.engineering.music@gmail.com. Don't have a name for the CD yet.
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sounds like a good idea. i wish my band was ready to do something for this but we're not. sorry.