My son has a cheap Fender Squire Bullet strat and he has a AD15VT amp.He mostly plays metallica and ac/dc stuff. Is there any good single pickups I could put in the bridge one,or are the good one's all humbuckers,thanks
you could buy a stacked humbucker... its the same size of a single coil... a seems like i would fit your needs

edit: forgot to mention... theyre from dimarzio
There are some Seymour Duncan models that are single coil shaped humbuckers.

I think it would be a good option, but I think it would be a realy high investiment to put on a Squier Bullet.

You could get a new guitar with stock humbuckers.

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Thanks guys,I know the pickup will be the price of the guitar but he really likes it and I like playing around with that stuff,So I'll look at what you guys suggested