After trying for quite a while to teach myself I've realised that far too often I become stuck in a rut. I've decided I need more structure and direction in my practice, and so would like to get lessons. I think I'm going to go for lessons that give grades - which is where this thread comes in.

Basically I was wondering which the best would be. I have quite broad tastes and this is the problem - I don't know whether to get acoustic, classical or electric guitar lessons. I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance as to:

1. What kind of things do you learn in each of these areas? Obviously it's going to be pretty much what it says on the tin so to speak, but I'm sure someone could give me a bit of insight as to what I'd be learning in these lessons.

2. How long does it roughy take to attain the different grades?

3. How much do these sort of lessons help as opposed to just going to a teacher and saying ''teach me this song'' etc.

That's basically it, now I realise that taking any of these will help my playing in pretty much all areas, but at the moment I'm leaning towards electric as that's what I play the most, but something in my head is making me think that taking either acoustic or classical lessons will give me a better foundation.

Thanks in advance.

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Just don't go anywhere near the Rockschool grades. They take the piss and don't teach you anything.

I recommend looking into RGT electric guitar grades (some of the stuff is a bit lame and academic, but most of it is really useful in the long run).

Classical grades will be focused on reading music notation on guitar etc. I'd answer your question more indepth, but I'm really ****ing tired right now, so I'll respond properly tomorrow or something. I just wanted to make sure you know not to do Rockschool grades.
^ Alright thanks man. I think it is the RGT I was thinking of, Registry of Guitar Tutors or something? I'm gonna go and look round tomorrow for a teacher - I'm thinkin I'm going to learn electric now, as I can't afford to buy a classical guitar at the moment which I've heard is pretty essential to play classical music properly (duh).

Does it just start off with basic theory such as scales and chords? And is it really worth it - £10 for half an hour/1 hour or whatever is a pretty high price for a lowly student!

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heh, my lessons cost £35 an hour, but its worth it, i learn electric and coz i'm quite advanced i go to a more specialist teacher, i started out on classical though, 4 years of that will get your technical skill up quite a bit, to be honest its more what you're looking for, for instance the book that i look at occasionally (the levitt series of books), teaches you to read music and learn the notes in all the positions (E.G open, 1st fret fretted, 1nd fret fretted) but another book i do in lessons teaches you jazz scales and advanced theory, and when i do stuff with my teacher i generally look at advanced theory and harmony, but i started out with basic chords and technique.

My teacher however hates the rock school grades and doesnt think RGT is worth it, and that the classical grades are outdated and therefor we need a new system.

but to answer your question in short: Acoustic Guitar teaches melody over technique mostly and chords and strumming patterns.

Classical guitar teaches fingerstyle and different technique involving counterpoint mostly (Two melodies at once).

Electric guitar teaches speed mostly and harmony but it is the most diverse because of the amount of music it is used in.

To attain Grade 8 it took me about 3 years of 1/2 hour practice a night with sloppy technique and no real idea of what i was doing and about a year of hard work and 1-2 hours of practice with good technique. but because of this i can now play pretty much whatever i want and i have near perfect pitch.

Lessons will help alot but only if you have a clear idea of what you want and actually doing what your teacher tells you.

Hope this helps anyway
Thanks Fenderboy, yeah that does help. It's really between classical and electric, but like I said I'm probably gonna go with electric.
I pretty much have a clear idea of what I want, basically like I said in my first post I really need some more guidance and direction in where I'm going with my playing, as at the moment I'm really not making progress! Like I said I'm gonna shop round a bit tomorrow, cheers for the advice

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