my band,(16HoursRemain), is in this battle of the bands and if we win we will be playing at the Extreme Thing which is this huge music festival. The battle takes place at Jillians on March. 19th. We need to sell tickets and have people vote online for us. We get 1 point a vote and 5 points per sold ticket. The show at Jillians is on Wednesday, March 19th. I am selling tickets for 5 dollars each and we need as much people to buy tickets and vote for us online as possible. Online voting takes place on xpozlv.com starting Feb. 13 so please everyone vote for us. You can only vote 1 time with 1 email and it saves the computer IP adress. So please everyone go vote for us that day. If you live in the Vegas area and wanna buy tickets from us, then please message me and I could probably deliver them to you. Or just consult me at school. If you don't live in the Vegas area then just please vote for us online on Feb. 13th. Hope to hear from you soon. And please support us with this.

to vote on Feb 13th: