Want to get rid of my LTD Viper 400, See-Thru Black Cherry finish, black hardware.

*EMG 81/85 Active Pickups
*Solid Mahogany body
*Grover Tuners
*Earvana Compensated Nut

$500 + shipping, will negotiate + ship int'l if necessary.

This is a great, great guitar, you get a lot of power and playablity for the price. Pickups are screaming hot and action is low with little fret buzz. I have, however, "grown out" of it.
NOTE: There is a small scratch below the tone knob.

Also, would be willing to trade (above + cash) for:

Gibson LP Studio (White)
Gibson Faded Flying V
i have one in perfect shape with a hard shell case and advertised it a couple times for 500 and i've only had one call about it......so u probably won't get that
id consider maybe 400 for it.... but you should def post pics...it may change my mind
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Trade for a schecter damien FR w/ gold trem?
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Trade for a schecter damien FR w/ gold trem?

no thanks avenged, not interested in a schecter.