Hey guys!
Just wanted some opinions cuz im getting a block of wood to make a strat from, but i wont have the hardware for while so i was wonder whether i should wait till i get all parts to drill the holes, or finish the body, and then once i get all the hardware drill everything accordingly?
Please let me know which would be better (drilling before finishing, or drilling after the finish was applied)

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you'd probably be better off waiting to drill before you do the finishing, because drilling through the finish could quite possibly make it crack.... not much fun at all
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get the plan for all your hardware, drill it, then finish it then put your hardware in

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I wait to drill holes. I do all the routing for the neck pocket, control cavity and pickups before I do any finish/paint work. I wait to drill the screw holes until after (with the exception of neck mount screw holes if applicable). The reason is because when I wet sand the finish on a body that has the small screw holes already drilled, water gets in those holes and usually gets absorbed into the wood causing it to swell around the holes. It doesn't always happen, but enough to make me wait. I figure it's better safe than sorry at the point when the guitar is almost finished. I've never found drilling small screw holes through the finish to be a cause for concern or ever damaged the finish in the process. I can see where a dull/damaged drill bit might pull the finish up around the hole, but, it's never happened to me. I do leave the body/neck sit for at least a week before doing any finish work and drilling. So, leaving it sit to allow the finish to cure may be why I don't have a problem with it.
Pashin over at Shamray proved positive you can finish first, and then drill.....just....have a really steady hand

but yeah, if it was me i would route first, then paint. safer but i guess its personal preference.
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well from your post, I gather that you just have a block of wood, no routing or anything.

If that is the case, I highly recommend you wait until the hardware comes in to drill out the appropriate routes and pilot holes. Then finish. There's too much of a risk if you have a lot of wood to remove. The more wood you have to remove, the higher the risk of screwing up really.
Well I like to drill before painting. If you screw up then its alot easier to fix than if the paint is already on. And you also prevent cracking or chipping paint.