Hey guys, I've been playing for a little over two months now. I have been doing alot of reading and it seems that the only way I will ever become the guitarist I want to be is by learning theory. I really want to understand theory so I can understand exactly how music works. Can you guys recommend a good book or other resource that starts absolutely from the simplest beginning and explains concepts, in a clear, concise, easy to understand fashion? Thanks a lot. If this is in the wrong place, mods feel free to move it.
You could read the crusades on this site...
If you do get a book however,...
I would recommend starting out small (reading off the treble clef, intervals, etc) and then moving on to modes and much more advanced stuff (scales, modes, chords, etc)
Theory's REALLY good for classical music if you're into composing that kind of stuff, but it's used all the time in all genres. You'll be doing yourself a favor by learning theory.
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Best theory lesson EVER!
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Highly recommended.

Get part two as well.

I have both of them and they really do help. I used them in conjunction with the grade exercise books. That really helped my theory.

Also get Jazz Theory for Guitar by Mark Levine.

Awesome book.
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