Okay so,
Ever since I had my electric guitar, I've had this annoying buzz from my amp. I've always thought it was because I needed to ground my guitar,(and it's probably true) but I found out that if I turn the tone knob all the way down, the buzz goes away completely. Does this mean anything?
And is there any way I can fix it myself?
Thank you.
my friends amp buzzes all the time and he just hits it and the buzzing stops.

is ur amp old and used/beat up.
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Haha, no, it's not beat up.
It's not a good amp, rather a really crappy one, but it's not old or beat up.
sometimes it can be the wiring in your house, being close to florescent lighting and other factors. try plugging it in at a different location, if you haven't tried that already.

see if your amp has a ground lift switch in the back. does it buzz even when you're guitar isn't plugged in? could be a bad cable or bad input jack on the amp.