I ordered custom Dimarzio Breeds at my local GC shop. They came in today and when i picked them up they werent F Spaced. I have an Ibanez RG and it has a floyd rose on it. I know you are suppost to get F spaced with floyd trembolos but would a not F spaced work just as fine?

If it doesnt I can always go back and return them but please help me out on this because I would rather know before I put them in my guitar.
Only the bridge pup needs to be F Spaced I think, unless the nut is fairly wide.
I might be crazy, but I can hear the difference, within the small difference.
Playing a 100 watt tube amp at ridiculous levels, the attack seams to be affected.
But once again, I could be me being crazy.
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well i have a JSX and im in a band that at practice likes to play loud so we can hear over drums (we wear earplugs) so just return the bridge pickup? or both or none
Im leaning towards returning them for F spaced ones but im still not sure. Anyone else that has done this before or has an idea please tell me.
Bust out your tape measure. Measure from E to E where the pickup would sit under the strings, and then measure from the the center of the 1st pole piece to the center of the 6th. Measurements should match. Hell just eyeball it..... if they aren't spaced right take em back.

If you have an RG with floyd you'll probably need f-spaced pickups.