This is the first song I've "fully written" for my new band. If anyone will give any compliments, suggestions, critique, go ahead. ()By the way, this is all growled, as my band is Prog Death/Doom/Black Metal)

Left on hallowed ground,
stalk me,
into the night.

Without a sound,
Trouncing upon my very soul

[Chorus-type thingy]

In the wake,
Of my forlorn dream
I catch a glimpse
a split in the seam
of my reality.

They know as I know.

They see as I see.

They Feel as I feeeeeel.

[Repeat the chorus-y thing]

A cascade of humility I feel
Dead walk again,
To haunt me.

Unearthly souls and beings,
Frenzied rage I felt before,
is now sadness.

Anger I can feel around them,
Isolation brings me forward,
A single sentence is all I heard,
"Come back to us, Jhona"

That is the end of the song, and I am currently write two more songs that link this together (concept, anyone?), I'll post those later.