Heres the deal. I am looking for this in an amp:

-Perferably tube
-Less than 400 U.S.D
-Loud enough to play over drumset
-I am using it for Metal in the style of early Black Sabbath and maybe Metallica. I have a pedal to boost the distortion etc.. so that is no problem.

Could you guys help me out? I need a new amp bad and noone else I know can help me as they are dumb.
Try a:

Laney VC30

Traynor YCV20

Peavey Valveking

Peavey Classic 30.

The amps are around that price range and can do the metal when pushed with the exception of the Valveking which does it stock.

EDIT: ^ The Windsor would be awesome if you don't mind not having a clean tone like, ever. I was thinking about picking one up.
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Peavey Valveking or Classic 30.
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I wouldn't use a valveking if someone paid me, but all of the other recomendations are solid, I would really look into the windsor it can definitely nail black sabbath tones, and should be able to handle mettalica type stuff too, with a bit of a boost.
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