Well it starts with this: I've been listening to the new Mars Volta album(Bedlam in Goliath) and I believe it as a hell of an awesome album. I see comments from people all the time complaining that it's nothing like De-Loused. This leaves some of these people predisposed to not enjoying the new album. This irks the hell out of me because I believe artists shouldn't attempt to recreate past works; they should progress and experiment with new ideas and styles. This also ties in with the idea that mainstream=crap, which I don't NECESSARILY believe.

Does anyone else share this opinion? BTW, this can, obviously, apply to any band(share some if you please)

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yea I totally agree. I'm actually listening to TBIG right now and it is nothing like De-loused but thats a good thing I don't like how people want all their albums to sound like De-loused.
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well, with mars volta, who can bitch about theyre progression? they are PROG-rock, and it works occasionally to do the same thing over again(ac/dc) on the other hand repetition can get stale(nofx)
i didnt even really like deloused. for some reason i love frances the mute. i dont know why. its probably my favorite album from the mars volta. tbig is a close second though.
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bedlam in goliath & frances the mute have some of the best stuff music has to offer, in my opinion
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I'm glad some people can agree. I love De-Loused...but then again FTM and even Amputechture were incredible.