Ok so my band has a problem.

We just formed the band about a two months ago so we decided to cover a couple of songs before we started making them.Anyways we told our drummer to learn a song and he says he knows it all of by heart.So we decided to have our practices on saturdays and on friday the rest of our band is excited for our practice and hyped up when our drummer comes in and says his finger is broken and he has some **** wrapped around it.

So we were talking to one of the guys in his class(no one in our band is in his class) and he said he took the stuff he had wrapped around his fingers off(index and middle btw) in gym class and he was fine.

This is the second time this happened and we think hes makin up bull**** about knowing all the songs and stuff.What should we do?
sounds like your drummer's a prick, tell him to shape the hell up or drop his ass for a mic'd metronome, or better yet a new drummer
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kick his ass out
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get another one ask as much as u can for another one cuz that will haunt u for the rest of ur life
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wait...he is gonna drum and sing a song? because if he is thats the last thing you want lol.
j/k :p
Wow thanks for all the quick replys guys,i posted this went down popped a bag of popcorn,came up and wow 5 replies already in like 2 minutes
hire a drum machine
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hire a drum machine

Drummers continue to piss me off. Machines don't (at least not intentionally). I had 2 drummers quit before my band got started...jackasses.
i think this belongs in the bandleading thread...
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