Dude this guy's e-mailing like the whole class, rambling 'bout how cool english and writing is.

He keeps sending me e-mail for places to look to get ideas for writing. Dude, I'm in your class because it's REQUIRED, not because I'm going to be a writer! So stop sending me s**t!

I'm a computer network maintenaince tech, not a columnist. So leave me alone and quit sending s**t.

He's like those guys where if you take his class, he thinks that's your major. Even if it's your basic 1301 English, that yeah.....funnily enough, everyone takes!

So what could I do to get this guy to leave me alone, maybe I could write him an essay telling him how F***ING NUTS he is!!!?!!!

I'm seriously considering that ^.

So what else could I do to make him leave me alone?
Yeah, what an asshole, trying to give students in his class resources that they might appreciate. Hey, I have an idea: Stop being a stuck up bitch and accept that he is just trying to help his students. How hard is it to delete emails? The world doesn't revolve around you. Obviously he is going to cater his class towards the students that are planning on going further in English, or have an interest in English. He isn't ****ing phoning you all day, stop being such a whinny little prick.

Besides, you could use whatever help is being offered, based on your spelling of the word professor.
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Why did you give your teacher your email address? That's dumb. Set up a different email address and spam him.
... you could change your email. ooooor NOT READ THE EMAILS!!! just make stuff from him as spam if u don't wanna read it
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He isn't ****ing phoning you all day,

actually he has called me a few times....kinda creepy actually.

he called to ask why I hadn't written anything. Hm, I wonder,
TS, stop bitching, your professor just wants to help you guys along, and judging by your spelling, you definetly need it.
just ignore his emails, whats the big deal, he wants you to get into writing, OH NO THE DEVIL!
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block him.

i like platypuses.

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Hey, it's a teacher who cares about teaching for once. Leave him the **** alone. Just ignore his e-mails if you're no interested.
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He sounds like a really good teacher, and you sound like an ungrateful asshole.
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

TS got owned by anyone who mentioned his spelling, this made me lol...

also i agree with the ones that say stopping being a little prick
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