What's a good one that is not super expensive but has little to no tone loss? The only brand I know of is Shure. Looking to spend $200 - $300 bucks. Can I ge a good one for that (it will probably be on ebay)?
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hihger end sure stuff is good, a wireless system is something you don't want to cheap out on, I'd expand the budget to $500 for something decent.
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I was hoping to spend less than $500. That Sennheiser one is on ebay for $339. What happens in terms of tone loss for cheaper ones, or what are the other problems for cheaper ones?
Earth without ART, is just Eh...
cheaper units break quicker (mostly the input jack on the body pack)
and they will make your tone muddy or even start cutting out.

most members will say either go for a $500+ wireless setup (new price) or for a good cable.

If you find a good wireless unit used on ebay I say go for it. I buy a lot of my gear though ebay and it saves a ton of money.
Pretty much echoing what the other guys said. Don't go for a cheap one, you'll be there forever setting it up so the signal doesn't randomly cut out unexpectedly, or cross over with someones mobile phone.....and it still will anyway. So definately go for something a bit more higher end.
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not sure how much they are over in the states to compare to the $500 rule but Ive got an AKG FLEXX 40 which was £130 ish, should of been more i think? and Ive had no problems, but all low end systems seem to be a little luck based on how they handle from what ive heard,
Ive been genuinely suprized to have no problems so far (Ive had it for about 5 months, use it all the time, because I always forget I have a lead in and trek off, and mess things up.

EDIT: Musicians Friend and GC have them for around $280 if its an option, they might not work as well in the states or something though and I havent used it in big citys with lots of signals around, only small clubs and colleges so that might change the signal quality.
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