I recently found out that my brother will be taking the wood shop class at my former high school, and I happen to have a good relationship with the teacher of the class, so much so that last year, he said I had an open invitation to come to his workshop and build whatever I want whenever I want. I customized my Epiphone Les Paul Special II in his class last year, and he said he loved watching me work, as I had a passion to do so and he sees so little of it in his class.

Since my brother's going to be in his class, and since I actually have a cash flow now, I've decided to take him up on his offer and build something I've wanted for a long time, a Jazzmaster, and I thought "Where better to get tips on techniques and information than UG?" and the answer was "No where."

What I basically want out of this guitar is a Gibson LP Double Cut Faded in Fender Jazzmaster's clothing with the normal Jazzmaster wiring. The reason for this is because I love the Jazzmaster shape, but I don't like the bridge or the 25 1/2" scale.

The plan I have so far is to purchase a Warmoth neck, as I won't have the time or patience to build a neck with work and whatnot, and I don't mind a bolt-on neck at all. The specifications of everything are below.

Angled Reverse Strat neck
Rosewood Fretboard
24 3/4" Scale
22 Frets
White Corian Nut
No Dots/Gibson Trapezoid Fret Markers (Undecided)
6130 Fret Wire

Pickups: P-90's (Undecided on specifics, more on this later)
Bridge: Tone Pros locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stop Tail Piece

For the pickups, I want something with a lot of mids or lows for the neck and something with a nice bite in the bridge. I plan to use the two pickups at the same time as well, so if they are hum-cancelling as well, that would be a nice bonus. I don't know a whole lot about pickups though, so please help me out on this one.

I'll probably start all of this stuff by the middle of February, and I plan to take loads of pictures so I'll post them up here as well. If I could have a few recommendations on the pickups that would be great. Id really like to keep them P-90's, or at least have one in the bridge, but if you can suggest something you think I'll be happier with, then I'll look at those too.

I play hard-rock, early heavy metal type stuff like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Wolfmother, Jet, Priestess, The Vines, Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and the like. I also play through a DigiTech Whammy, Electro-Harmonix POG, FullTone Soul Bender, Ibanez TS-808 into either two Fender Bassman blackface heads with a 4x10 cab and a 2x15 cab or a MusicMan HD-150 combo with 2x12's.

Im also not dead set on the all mahogany, so any recommendations at all to help me out would be cool.
sounds cool! thats pretty nice of your teacher to just let you come and use the woodshop... none of my teachers would
It all sounds good to me except that you're going with an angled strat reverse headstock, that will look uber-weird and stupid IMO. Jut get a straight headstock, reverse is fine. I think the 50s headstocks look better than 70s headstocks when they're reversed too.

Just my opinions. Sounds like it'l be an interesting build anyway. Good luck!
^ The neck has to be angled to make up for the TOM. I don't think he means the headstock.
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No, I meant the headstock. It'll look like a Gibson Firebird headstock basically. Im set on the angled headstock because that is what is on my other guitars and Im used to it. I don't like the idea of using string tree's, because they create an unnatural downward angle on the nut, and I don't have any experience with staggered tuners, so I'd rather go with what I know. But if anybody knows that string tree's and/or staggered tuners are in fact better (or equal to) an angled headstock, I'm willing to hear it.

It'll probably be the 50's headstock too, as I like the smaller one (that is the smaller one, correct?)

My basic questions were about pickups for my style of music to go along with my pedal board and amps, and if anybody had any real suggestions on major changes to the body woods for better sound or just another person's ideas on the project, that would be great. I like getting a bunch of opinions, because I know sometimes mine aren't the greatest.
right, first off, yes the 50's were the smaller ones, and secondly, try a duncan 59 hb set for ur pickups, or a PAF set. or tell corderoyEW and ask him to make you a set, from what ive heard, though they are slightly more expensive, he'll be able to make you the ones pefectly suited to ur styles. if you do want the p90's, try either the duncan vintages, or the prs mccarty ones (stock, try ebay)
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Thanks for the tips on pickups Manix Bluesist, I'll be sure to check them out and send Cord a PM.

I should have the money for the body with my next pay check, as I should have an alright lump sum of overtime coming my way, but if not, it may get pushed off til after the 29th.

I planned on getting the wood from Extoticwoods.com, a one piece South African (or South American [can't remember]) mahogany body blank should run me $125 including shipping, but if anybody has any cheaper places (I've checked the sticky topic about this very quickly, if I remember correctly), I'd love to have a look.

My brother talked to his woodshop teacher, and he said he'd love to have me back in, so I hope I can start this in March as planned, if not April isn't too far away.

Oh, and does anybody know how long Warmoth neck's take to get made and shipped around this time of year?