Hi! I finished my pedalboard today. I'm not a huge pedal user so I just want something to fit my basic needs of around 7 pedals.

I've sized this whole board out and the fender channel selector will be coming off later it's just to fill up space for the picture. But the other pedals I'm going to get will all fit. On the second picture thats where the end 6" of the extension cord poke out and the board will stay flush to the floor


I'm gonna put a Onespot and wire up all my pedals with that later.
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Is that a Radio Shack cable?

haha ya... I found it laying around my house

I'm ordering a 6 pack of Hosa cables tomorrow
It wasn't too difficult to build. but finding that 3 Way cord thing saved me. if I had a power strip It would have had to been 4" high instead of 2.5" which it is