Simply put, I'm looking for something a little different. My main style is sorta a hybrid of Slash & punk rock with a Motorhead attitude to Volume. I know I should really be looking for an amp, but I don't have much space left in my uni digs, so a guitar is more of a priority. Budget? Not too much either - I'd say about £3-400 is a good ball-park. TBH I was looking wat all sorts from a dot studio to Korina V to a BC rich warlock, but any suggestions are welcome. Keep i mind I'm an anti-Ibanez militant but I'll give anything a go
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You're better off with a new amp, and changing the pickups on your Gibson.
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jesus i thought i saw 3400 pounds.

but yeah get a new amp for that punk stuff get a vox ac30 or something
You are well served on the guitar part, don't go and buy another one, man...Buy a small Tube amp and toss that MG out of the window.
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