Hey guys,
My girlfriends birthday's coming up and I have a bunch of things set up and what not, I thought it would be cute if i played a song for her on my old acoustic I recently got back into playing, she's a real sucker for any sad or mushy songs (here without you - 3 Doors Down, Wherever you will go - The Calling, Right here waiting for you - Bryan Adams for ex). Any suggestions on what to learn to play?
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Marcy playground-Opium, saddest song on earth, pretty easy too. or even Not In Nottingham if shes a disneys robin hood fan(that song when all the animals are in prison)
Wind cries Mary- Hendrix
Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton
A tout le Monde-MEgadeth
Scar tissue- RHCP
Under The Bridge- RHCP
Otherside- RHCP
Free Bird
urmm i will follow you into the dark -death cab for cutie quite a nice song. or swing life away by rise against.
As far as acoustic stuff goes you can't go wrong with Iris from the Goo Goo Dolls, You and Me by Lifehouse, and I Could Not Ask for More from Edwin McCain.
Love Of A Lifetime - Firehouse

Heaven - Warrant

To Be With You - Mr. Big - Great song to play to a girl you like