new song, recording in the profile. these arnt the exact lyrics, listen to the song for exact lyrics.
Susie loved the rain
She would stare at it all day
From behind the window pain

Susie, couldn’t go outside
She would stare at it all day
Little Susie never ever cried

Susie got sicker
Shipped off to a special hospital
On the edge of the desert

Susie missed the rain
And looking at it
From behind the window pane

She hated the new outside
She would stare at it all day
Susie never cried

Susie overheard the nurse
She had a couple months to live
If she was lucky

She missed the old outside
She missed the boy she used to love
But she never cried

One quiet night With all of her strength
She took off the oxygen
And slid into the bathroom

Turned on the water
And laid down in the shower
And closed her eyes

And as reality slipped away
And rain danced through her hair
She thought of that boy

And she kissed him in the rain
In that high school dream
so long ago

Staring at the showerhead
A tear ran down Susie’s cheek