i have an epiphone LP standard and it's a pretty nice guitar. however i have an opportunity to sell it for a prs santana se. i haven't played the santana (don't have the opportunity to, it's an ebay auction) but i have played the prs custom se and singlecut se and i loved them. the neck is so smooth and i just loved moving up and down it (as gay as that sounds). it sounds amazing too. anyways i talked to the guys at guitar center and they tell me the custom and singlecut has the same feel as the santana se.

i plan to play sublime, muse, thrice, incubus, and of course santana.

should i go through with this trade?
hell yea... i would at least
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it's the SE remember, not really a PRS guitar, if you look on the back of the headstock's, it says built by world music co. for PRS....so yeah...i think an epiphone les paul standard is on the same level as the SE's, but if you prefer the looks and playability of the se, go ahead
I'd generally say no because the SE series are pretty much the PRS Epiphone, but I like the PRS Santana quite a bit more than a standard Epiphone LP.
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SE custom, amazing tone, amazing playability... you could do that or save up till when you sell ur epi you have enough for an LP studio or an American Strat.
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Do it. No question about it IMO, the SE santana is a really nice PRS for a SE series, go for it for sure.