I'm thinking about which bass i should get next and i've heard many good things about spector basses but do they really live up to the hype. I enjoy playing any type of metal and my price range is about 600-1000... Would you recommend a spector bass?
Yes, I would. They're probably some of the best bass companies out there: great quality and great versatile basses.

Mind you, I've only played a few in music stores, but they made me GAS for one like no one's business.

In your price range, you probably want to look into the Spector Legend series.
+1 to C-man. I've played a Legend 4, a Legend 5, and I think a Legend 6 and they were all fantastic. Very well priced, too.
Yeah, i hear awesome things about them. Everyone from Rex Brown to Alex Webster plays them....Was hoping to pick one up myself.
I would defiantly get one. I would hold out for a used euro 5 or a rebop. They are much higher quality than the performer and legend series.
Spectors are amazing.. I do however agree with Espo recommend getting at least the european series. They boast a neck through design as opposed to bolt on. little pricier though. I have a euro 5 and a US 5 and theres no difference in playability. ONly a more exotic wood and cost about 2k more

I am getting a spector performer 4 string this friday, I cannot wait.

Gotta love that holoflash finish.
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