Ok I know this is probably the most hated question but do different guitars really make a better sound?

I just started playing about a month ago and I've gotten pretty good. I will probably get a nicer guitar but I am wondering if it really makes a difference.

I have a standard yamaha stratocaster (I think) right now and I'm looking at a higher end guiatar. (Price isn't an issue)

So really does a higher end guitar make a better noise or is it the amp or strings? Should I look at a better amp? Is that more effective then a better guitar?

Also how do you get your guitar to sound like sweet child of mine and also have it sound like a muffled hard rock noise? Is it all in the amp or is it really the guitar?

It's a combination of many things. Strings, pickups, woods, pedals, amps... Do different guitars make better sounds? Sure, I suppose they do. But you'll notice a bigger tonal difference if you get a new amplifier.

As for the Sweet Child O' Mine question. Go to the Thread Announcements/FAQ section and read number 6 and the first sentence very carefully.

To answer the question, just use your neck pickup to get that creamy tone.
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I just started playing about a month ago and I've gotten pretty good.

Nono . lol but anyway, different guitars have a huge impact on tone when you get an ear for tone. But the amp makes more of a difference.
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Well, if you are somewhere over there still, or anyone worried about that issue, i'ts pretty simple: two things once you have a decent-to-pro body for the guitar
- Pickups
- amp (and then effects)
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I like to play sweet child o mine with mild distortion, slight reverb, and a chorus pedal. for the solo, a good wah doesn't hurt either.
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It all sounds different, and when you look for different sounds, its just the sounds you are looking for, just go to the music store, play some guitars there and pick out the one that sounds best to you. The whole thing to getting the Sweet Child of Mine riff to sound like the CD is to practice.