I have an american strat and literally within the last 30 minutes it has aquired a huge buzz. Especially when I play the 12 harmonics, Its not a string buzz its almost like something inside is buzzing. When i push the neck down it is much better! But when I release the tension it once again buzzes. I've now realized that when i play a harmonic (natural) on the B string it produces almost a wah like sound.??? Has this happened to anyone else, what should I do, what is it?

Thanks UG
ive got the same sorta problem with my epi lp. the neck buzz's when i play around the 8-10th frets. its really annoying.

i think our problem may be something to do with the truss rod being loose and vibrating inside the neck but ive got know idea how to fix it.
Ya man its pretty annoying, ill probably take it in hopefully its not a cracked neck...Anyone else got any ideas?
you need to see if the string is touching anywhere. (fret buzz)

if there is something loose and rattling. (strum then touch parts)

or if the springs are vibrating in the back trem cavity. (if they are a little cotton back there will help.)

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