So i'm bout 6'2 and 175 pounds~. I'm not really grossly skinny but i'm pretty scrawny. I've tried going to the gym a bit once but I didn't know what I was doing or should be doing etc. I've also tried just doing pushups at home and even bought a small dumbell set and tried doing stuff but I still don't know what sort of thing I should be doing or how much or how often etc.

What i'm wondering is if anyone here that knows a fair amount about working out could help me out. If someone could direct me to a site that helps you build a workout plan or if anyone could just help me directly come up with a plan or help me understand what I need to do better that would be great.

My main goals I guess are that I really want bigger arms, that's the main goal, but I realize the need to build all your muscles to stay balanced. I also don't want to go to a gym and I don't have a lot of money to spend on equipment (though I could invest in some minor things if they'll really help) and I do already have a basic weight set. So home exercies without weights etc would be great.

Anyway I figured there would be a few guys here that would know about this stuff so any help would be appreciated.

Oh and i'm 19 years old if that means anything...
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Jogging does wonders, and it's free!

It tones your arms a bit too, if you do it right. And I know this may sound a bit girlie, but pilates is really good for toning your arms and abs.
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go to gnc
buy whey protein
consume whey protein

EDIT: you still have to work out though. pushups are always really good. just keep at it and muscle will build over time
i remember there being a bodybuilding thread somewhere here... use the search button...

otherwise go to bodybuilding.com, there are a bunch of articles there to get your stared.
3 keys to strength training... depending on your goals ofcourse...

1.) diet (~60%)
2.) lifting (~30%)
3.) sleep (~10%)

at 19 youv probably got a crazy fast metabolism... jsut eat like a tank and lift consistently using a lifting program... there are TONNES on the internet depending on your specific goals... like you said.. if u want to get bigger, then you might want to concentrate on compund excersizes... ones that use more muscles groups at once such as squats, bench press, and deadlifts... also, stay low in the rep range cause if u get to high your going to be working endurance, and while there will be some hypertrophy, your working different muscles fibres and you might not get the results u wanted.

Anyways, just make sure u educate yourself on the basics, such as the equipment, and form of the excersises... also, the most important thing is motivation and consistency... working out once every two weeks cause its 'convenient' or u dont feel like doing it will get you no where fast.

best of luck
Roids...pretty much all bodybuilders use some form of it.
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No steroids.

squat / bench / deads
5-12 reps per set, ~4-5 sets
if you can do more than 12 reps increase weight
but if you're just looking to tone with simple dumbbells and your own body weight, cardio and pushups. work on pull ups and do crunches with your dumbbells behind your head, held there by your hands. same rep rules apply as above (are they removable plate or one piece?)

edit: anyways, bodybuilding.com is a sure bet, most of the people on the forums are fairly helpful
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Sweet thanks for the help guys. Turns out I might actually be joining a gym that someone I work with goes to, I might as well try it :/
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meh, I've listened to every radiohead album and honestly don't get what everyone loves about them.....

cause you're ****ing stupid