is it any good?

i listened to the sound clips of it off boss's website & it sounds pretty sweet.

lots of high gain

i want to cover some hardcore/metal bands...i use an epi lp cusotm & flextone II..would it work?

btw im noob abt pedals so....with any distortion pedal, you play through clean on your amp RIGHT?

you dont add amp distortion to a dist. pedal correct?
yeah thats right, u gotta have ur amp in clean channel when using distortion pedals. A good pedal for metal/hardcore would be the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. I have one and it rocks!
ya i listened to that one too, but the reason i want the MD-2 is because it just isnt metal sounding so it cna be tweaked to play modern alt. rock also.
but the out of the 3 sound clips boss's site gave, the 2nd one was like total shreddage, i loved it, perfect for the devil wears prada cover stuff
Why would you use quite possibly the worst distortion pedal in existence when you have a Flexitone?
Flexitone's arent the worst of solid state amps. It really shouldn't be too hard to coax a decent sounding metal tone out of it.
And if you're going for something completely saturated in gain, I suggest you go back and listen to all those metal and hardcore albums again. They all use a lot less gain than you might think. Your Flexitone should have more than enough gain available to make a decent metal tone.
Ever noticed how with all the bands that have great tone, you can really hear and feel the pick attack? All the dudes with good tone keep their gain low enough to keep their sound articulate and chunky.

MT-2's or MD-2's are a complete waste of money. Not only are they terrible, terrible pedals, you won't be able to get much out of them except a fizzy gain-up-the-ass sound.
Well, about a year ago, I was thinking the same thing, oooh The clips sound nice .
Was pretty much stuck between either the MD2 or the Line6 Uber Metal, and I found the MD2 on eBay for £35, spent a good couple of days after it arrived, messing to try and get it good, no luck.
My amps pretty ****, AVT150, but Ive been using MultiFX for years so have quite an idea with them.
The pedals definatly not high gain, your probably better off with a DS1, theres alot less fuzz in one of them for starters or even the metalzone.

The lack of a mid control really doesnt make things any easier either, knowing all this now, I know how of a studip pedal it is, unless its for Korn or Nu-metal, which its pretty much sold for but still, i wouldnt believe the clips or description too closely.
Oh and the gain boost, really isnt THAT much of a boost.

Needless to say, I "Sold" that pedal to a friend, who Im no longer friends with, he ending up stealing the pedal and I'm not all that sad to see it go. All of the Boss distortions are very overrated, this one is worse than most.
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