Like the seasons, I am always changing,
Screaming your name against the wind , I realized that nothing lasts forever.
I accepted that I couldnt stop the earth from turning
I couldnt stop this hateful feeling,
All my efforts to stop you were in vain.
I will drink to your name.
I want to move to Alaska, where its always cold. I want to feel the wind biting through my veins , every day, all the time. I guess it would make me feel more. Living in the cold, feeling everyday cold. But then the cold would get numbing, and I would be back where I started, numb. Without feeling.
Days often drift by and I dont even count them anymore. Side effects for the weary.

dont bother critting, its not worth the time, I promise.
but just in case you feel it, c4c.
I'm not very good at critting, so don't bother if i say something stupid :-)
But I think the flow could be better. Or is it just me?
But I really, and I mean alot, like what I get from reading it. The message in it is very good.
Like the "numb"-part alot.
ha yeah it originally was just a blog post of mine, so its not really poem-y its more prose-y. I just sucessfully took my iq down 15 points by using -y.