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Epic Win
1 1%
Epic Failure
59 86%
Keep tryin' kid...
9 13%
Voters: 69.
wheres the double epic lose option?
OMG...i'm a girl.


Quote by Minkaro
Why would you try to replace something not funny, with something even less funny?

I liked that pear.
That's HORRID! Why would you do something like that?!
I'm a communist. Really.
Quote by Minkaro
Unless they're Coldplay. In which case every song sounds the same, and they just stay at the same stagnant level of fail.

Well the two pics here looked exactly the same and the pear already looks ugly and scene so I guess this case and coldplay are on the same page
Quote by Twisted Magnum
There's no option for Absolute Failure

The epic failure option should be good enough for you!
Quote by Diamond Dave
the three people who voted keep tryin kid were being generous


There are 4 generous people now!
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just kill yourself... that phailed
Quote by bpoeoanry
go back to sleep
Waking up with boobs? Is there a visine for that.
Quote by XcadeyX
wheres the double epic lose option?

That still may not be enough

Who in hell is in the picture?
Quote by synpet713192
That still may not be enough

Who in hell is in the picture?

A guy from some band called Escape the Fate. I don't what hole
they crawled from.