I understand that OD pedals such as the Ibanez tube screamer work best for all tube amp heads, but how would it sound if I used one with a Non tube amp head?
I have a Hughes and Kettner Matrix 100 amp head and I want to use the built in distortion but I want to polish it up and make it as dirty as possible. any thoughts?
It might work but:

1 - I've never tried it.

2 - I seem to remember someone way back when saying that it won't work so well, anyone back me up on this?
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I have an OD not a TS but an OD nonetheless and it sounds really thin and weak through my SS amp but I've ran it through a Mesa Mark IV before and it sounded great.
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Tube screamers are overdrive pedals, yes, with a healthy kick in the mids to boost the amp, but fundamentally they are mostly distortion pedals. A true overdrive pedal would only add volume and highs/mids to the amp (aka- a treble booster) while a tube screamer adds mostly distortion and a few mids. So to answer your question - yes it'll work.
If you use it as a boost (all volume, half tone, and none or slight od), it'll work alright. I use a Boss SD1 or Tubescreamer with my Randall RX20 alot as a boost. It sounds alot better, but only if you keep the od knob down though.