ive got a acer laptop and ive got connection problems my enternet is connected but my icon in the corner says wlan disconnected it was working perfect until i installed norton virus protection would that have anything to with it.and my wireless router is in the same room im using the laptop in so im not too far away from it.sure appreciate any help
Gahh.. call help lines? Google key words along with help..
Open your Norton anti virus, look for anything about internet.. or allow applications/hardware etc..
Norton is horrible, get rid of it. It pretty much halves your system resources. Acers are cheap and bad, I know from experience. And... what's the actual problem? You just listed the facts, not the issue.
45 days without my precious UG...

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norton and/or symantec = bad news

avast! antivirus = t3h pwnz

google it. download it. love it.
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