I've just started playing guitar and I find that most acoustic songs are really mellow and... depressing. Does anyone know a good song for a novice that's not so down sounding? Like some rock and roll maybe? (It doesn't have to be specifically for acoustic)

Time of your Life -- Greenday ?
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look up "Driver F" on cdfuse.com and listen to their album "montclair sessions"

the happiest acoustic music you will ever find, no joke
I think you're confusing "depressing" with "soulful." You want "happy" music? Try Hannah Montana. I'm not saying that good, uplifting acoustic music doesn't exist, I just think you could broaden your perception a bit.
This isn't the middle ages. You don't codify scales, modes, and chords by "Happy sounding" and "Sad sounding".

Happy for me is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.
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Time of your Life -- Greenday ?

Well,it may have a happy (sort of),but generally I find it quite sad.
Depapepe - Summer Parade or START!

They are a Japanese duo. Both play acoustic. just youtube them. (make sure its the official not cover)

I think there are a few tabs on the ultimate guitar tabs but they have official scores that you can buy through amazon.

Their music isn't too hard to play, however you might need a partner.
Some bowling for soup acoustic songs are quite happy like Friends of Mine; check that lol
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