Hey guys.
I've been playing bass for a little over 2 years, and I guess I've made a lot of improvement.
But the thing is that I'm really sloppy at playing.
Plus, I developed this habit where whenever I slap, my hand automatically slaps twice really fast and pauses (kinda like a triplet, only twice instead of 3 times).
Because of this habit, I just do it without even trying, so I'm unable to play consistant, steady slap riffs like "Higher Ground" by the chili peppers.

So, I asked my good friend, and he suggested that I go back waaaayyyyyyyy to the beginning and pinpoint where I need to improve, starting at the basics.

I was wondering if you guys could help me out by suggesting good "workouts" or anything I can do to practise in order to really sharpen my skills (left hand technique, right hand fingering, slap, scales, whatever you can think of).

Maybe send me some articles or videos I can read/watch.

Anything's fine. I'm just really wanting to become a better, toned musician instead of continuing to play sloppy and messy.

Thanks a lot and I really appreciate it.
Sounds like you've taught your brain some bad technique. The only way to really force this out is to play things you've been playing with proper technique. Force yourself to do it properly. If you don't know how, then do some research (I'm sure you at least know what you're bad at, or you wouldn't know you were bad), and learn. Sounds like most of your issue is in your right hand. Just stop letting yourself be lazy and play it properly. It will be really frustrating for awhile, and it will kinda suck, but it's definitely worth it. Depending on what issues you all have, you might have to go back to basics a little and just practice doing simple things without the bad techniques until you can move to the more complicated stuff.
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I had to do the same thing after teaching myself for a year. I was kind of devastated when I was told that my right-hand technique was terrible, but I can tell you that after 5 weeks of lessons, I'm faster than I was before, and now I'm using the right technique.

It pays off in a shorter term than you think.
A teacher would be the best thing for you
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I also agree about the teacher thing--I've been taking lessons for 5 or 6 weeks and I'm improving much faster.
aite, thanks a lot, guys.

i appreciate the advice, and i'll definately go out and look for some lessons.

anyone know how much they usually tend to cost?
Yeah, same here. Like when I slap, I tryed to mute with my right (fretting) instead of my left (striking) so it ended up sounding terrible. I swear, my teacher probably stopped me 10 times during this slap bass solo because I was using the wrong hand. lol

1 on 1 lessons really help break habits.
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