.. is at that point where he's taking his instrument seriously. He's asked me for a lot of help with theory and such (I've been playing guitar for five years) and I've helped him but I only know so much about bass. Is there a good video I can suggest to him for workouts/practice riffs? He's trying to play with his fingers more often than pick (he used to be pick only). He's not interested in slap much or any crazy funk bow chicka bo wow. He's a metal bassist.

Thanks a lot for any tips, guys.
Cyberfretbass.com was an invaluable help to me. Not a lot of videos, but the lessons are written in an incredibly easy to understand fashion. There are exercises, lessons on theory, bass line creation, etc. Like I said, invaluable to the beginner.
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Any practices you do on guitar can be applied to bass, everything from finger warm-ups to advanced techniques like sweeps and piano-style two-hand tapping.

Just show him how you do left hand work, and how some techniques are done. If he needs work on plucking, slap/pop, etc. he should really get lessons from a good bass player that can point out his flaws, not show him a low-detail video ( usually at a bad angle ) of how it should be done.
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