Alright so I've been playing for about a year and making steady progress. However, my biggest issue is I only downpick (sorry if it's improper terminology, but I hope you get it). I can play pretty quickly this was, and it usually just seems more convenient than alternating patterns. I, however, know this will not last, as I already am starting to hit a wall of just how quickly I can play. I keep trying to practice picking other ways, but again it always just seems really inconvenient. Also, whenever I pick upwards, my pick sort of gets stuck on the string.. I don't know how to explain it.. but it's just very broken and lacks fluidity.
Basically, I'm just looking for advice.. Are there any good exercises to practice, does everyone go through this, things like that..
Thanks in advance.
tilt your pick on the guitar string so your kind of "cutting" the string to do fast up-down strokes. then you shouldnt get caught up on the up-stroke. try also alternate-picking triplets.

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Well I play death metal and I went through the same thing. Though I still downpick a lot, many songs require you to be able to upstroke as well. Honestly the way I learned to "trem pick multiple strings" (I don't know the terminology either :P) was by playing old school punk like the Misfits. It takes some time but eventually your upstrokes will become clean.

Practice that over and over, alternate picking all the way. It will feel weird at first but over time, it will come more naturally. If you use alternate picking correctly you will be able to play twice as fast, as downpicking, with 2 times less effort. also learn some pentatonic scales and stuff, just make sure from now on alternate picking only!!!
yeah i have been playing for two years and i started picking up and down about six months ago but you will get it soon just keep trying to pick up and down on parts
choose a fast song that you like, that will require you to use alternate picking. now, here's the catch. rather than taking it up to speed, get a metronome and start at around half tempo, alternating picking the riffs. as soon as you can play the riff all the way through cleanly three times, up your tempo 3bpm. pretty soon, if you do this with several songs and slowly build up tempo, you'll be blazing. just practice and dedicate time to it. it'll work out.
i would say he needs to be able to do it right more than 3 times lol. try more like a hundred. you definately do need to practice doing this slowly to start with.