ok so i'm thinking about buying the peavy 6505+ head but my concern is the cab. i have a custom cab i made from the stock and another amps stock speakers it runs 8 ohms at 320 watts. its got two jenson bugera special design speakers out of a beringer combo (crap amp great speakers) and two madison archers. there both just regular cheapish speakers but they sounded pretty ok with my 15 watt fender blues jr hooked to it but most high watt tube heads and combos use ???eminence??? speakers so i want to know what the difference is and if my cab will be able to handle the head or i should just go for the combo???
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There's a lot to consider when looking at speakers. First off a brand name is useless when trying to figure out exactly what the speakers are capable of. Every brand name makes numerous models, and sometimes different versions of the same model with different properties. When choosing the speakers, you have to look at things like power handling, speaker efficiency, and impedance. All different speakers will sound a little bit different, and the cab you have them in will play a large part in defining the sound as well. I suggest you do some research before continuing.
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Eminance is what comes in my Kustom tube amp and it sounds really good. Havent tried any of the celestions, greenbacks etc. A mix works pretty good sometimes. Its one of those things higher priced speakers will have heavier magnets, etc that make them sound better. Antique electronics supply has a chart that gives tones for the different kinds of speakers.