What do you guys think of it? I was originally planning to get a mexi strat when I saw this thing. Since I'm getting a summer job I thought "I could wait and save up some more for it."

So what are your guys' opinions on it? Good for classic rock from zeppelin to Floyd to Dires Straits to ACDC? maybe a little ozzy/sabbath here or there?

Oh man, my buddy has that koa strat. Its the reason I have decided my next guitar to be a strat, great jimi esque sound. You could definitely rock some zepp on it and the Straits, I'm not sure it would be my first choice for the Sabbath though. His model has had some issues with the bridge coming up, but other then that its a beast of a guitar. He runs it through a fat marshall stack and its mildly orgasmic.

Edit: Make sure you play it though before you buy. What other kind of stuff do you like playing. Like all Strats without pick-up mods, its not gonna give you studio style distortion, but its clean tones are unmatched in my opinion. Give it some edge with some distortion or overdrive, but its not ideal for Ac/Dc, Guns N Roses distortion style, but it will do the job anyways.
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yea I might replace the pickup in the bridge with a SD lil '59 for that ACDC crunch, thats basically the most distorted I'll ever get with a guitar though..