we have currently recorded some new songs, just in our bedroom.
it would be great if you could tell me what you think of them.
keep in mind we are getting a new singer.
adding the band would be great.
we will have even more new songs once we go into studio week after next.
thanks heaps.
I like propaganda, but it seemed that it could use some backing vocals. But for a bedroom recording, its good and I think its got potential.
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Hey propagandas sounding good! What gear did you use to record that? Its good quality. I think the vocals need a bit of work though, instrumentals sounding good. Do you guys have one guitarist or two? Cos on your myspace i think your a 3 piece. If you got another guitarist you could have lead guitar over top of rythm might make your songs sound a bit more complex.
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.