I've got an American made 2004 fender Stratocaster and I'm looking to put a couple of a Schaller Golden 50s in it. First question: is the cavity in my strat definitely going to need to be enlarged? If so, what kind of places would or could do that, or is it a job I should do myself?

I have also been unable to locate any Schaller pickups online. It appears Stewmac does not carry them anymore, or anywhere else for that matter. I live in Nashville, yet the closest dealer listed on Schaller's website is 4 hours away.
Take off the pickguard and find out. I've bought strats before (not Fender) that were routed for bridge and neck humbuckers, but still had 3 single coils.

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Yea most strats now are routed generic so they can use the bodies for both singles and humbuckers. Just gotta change the pickguard for different models. Not sure what the schaller pickups are. The golden age pickups from stewmac are pretty nice. They have more of a vintage sound.