I have been looking to get a new tuner for a while, however there is a huge range out there and a large difference in prices. What is the main difference between them? What am I getting for a more expensive tuner? Take for example the Behringer Pedal Tuner and the Boss (?) Pedal Tuner, there is a £50 difference between them, what is it? Surely there cannot be that much difference.
I had the behringer tuner. It broke in 2 weeks. I went and bout a boss tu-2 and i've dropped it several times on the hard ground, and it still works.
Get the boss, it will last. The behringer will not, it's made of cheap parts and cheap plastic
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I have the Behringer pedal, (got it as part of a guitar pack), and it didn't do it for me, so I ended up with the Planet Waves chromatic tuner. I can't say about the Boss pedal as I didn't test it when I was shopping for a tuner.

My complaint with the Behringer is that when I would hit a note, it would take more than a second to register the note, and then it would sometimes jump to a completely different note, even though I was muting the other strings.

Unfortunately, a good tuner will set you back a significant stock of cash. Just make sure to test the one you plan on buying to make sure it's a good one, so you don't have to buy a better one later.