Does anybody know a really cool song (punk or otherwise)that uses mainly power chords?
I'm trying to teach my friend how to play guitar and power chords seem like the easiest way to get him started(read:'hooked') on guitar.
I know this is a stupid request but thanks to anyone who helps
green day- welcome to paradise
green day- brain stew
nirvana- smells like teen spirit
between the buried and me- ants of the sky

oh **** wait scratch number 4.

yeah even if he doesn't like the bands, those 3 are real good beginner songs
brain stew (Green day)
Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz)
Rock You like a hurricane (scorpions)
Holiday (Green day)
American Idiot (Green day)

from easiest to hardest, those are the first sogns i learned when i started playing, i remember i thought american idiot was so fast, lol
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blitzkrieg bop------a lot of songs by the ramones
american idiot-----a lot of songs by green day
maxwell murder---most songs by rancid
it's so easy - guns n' roses, lots of power chords there.
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Holy CRAP. I totally fergot about Nirvana! I'll teach him some of their stuff, but more suggestions are still welcome
Edit: Alkaline Trio! that might be too hard at first, it can be kinda fast if you're just starting.
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Any rock band?
Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
the bed of the acquiesced
where we sleep, insomniac dreams
Quote by revan1013
Any rock band?

Dude! This helped me so much! How can I ever thank you enough? Jk Thanks for even looking at the thread bro!
Thanks to anyone who gave me a sugestion, peace and GOODNIGHT ORLANDO!!!
i would def suggest rise against...any song by them is pretty kick ass and is really cool sounding...i would porbably suggest:
give it all and prayer of the refugee
Blue Orchid by The White Stripes has some pretty neat power chords in it.
Three Days Grace

Strum a chord
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blitzkrieg bop------a lot of songs by the ramones

Actually most Ramones songs are full barre chords. The distortion makes it a little hard to tell, but only a couple Ramones songs even have power chords in them. Johnny Ramone almost exclusively used down strokes and full barre chords.