I got a Ibanez tone blaster 100r with a gisbon sg and ds-1. im not to good at setting my used amp to good. i mostly play ac/dc, metillica, iron maiden, guns n roses, motley crue, ozzy, pantera. do you know any good setting for theses bands.
uhh, for ACDC, dont over do the gain and DONT scoop the mids. For metallica about 7 on the gain channel would be good with scooped mids and some bass/treble. Oh, and SETTINGS THREAD
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sit in front of your amp for a few hours and turn knobs, it's the only way

yea, thats true 100%
But it's a toneblaster, so it'll be pretty difficult since like 80% of the bands that you want to sound like use tube amps. Anyways, you could probably get a passable pantera tone. Check ultimate settings thread.
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