I've never owned a delay before and i think its time

so is 600ms enough or am i gonna want like a second or is that overkill

i realize this is opinion and its based on what i need but i just wanna know from other peoples personal experiences what they've found is enough delay time
i own a behringer DD 100 which is actually good for the price and the fact is behringer, and you can get 200ms, 500ms, and 1200 ms, and then change it within those, but i find the 1200 is way too much, and the 200ms is more like an echo or reverb. so i'd say a maximum of 600 would probably be fine, depending on what you play though. what delay are you looking at?
On my DD-3 it has 12.5ms to 800ms. I don't really need much more than that because you can basically vary the ms anyway and it can still fit a song/BPM. But you need to try one out because you might be all annoyed that you can't put it up more.
Theres always that hugely expensive 16 second EH delay :P
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