My first song was pure garbage.

anyway, i decided to go into more of an acoustic sound.
this one took me quite a while to write,
and i dont think its in any key.
i just wrote down whatever sounds good.

im thinking of expanding this, hopefully recording it
with some vocals. but for now, i just have a bit of the intro
and the intro's solo done.

let me know what you think, yeah?

But for me it was a set of notes!
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Not that great to be honest. Like the other guy said, it was just a bunch of notes. A bunch of notes doesn't spark my emotions or say anything to me. You have to make a memorable progression with a good rythm, and then you'll have a decent song.
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I don't know what to say lol... Some of the timing is alright. Try using more then the chromatic scale though..
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it has potential, but for right now i agree that its just a theme of notes and needs to be developed instead of meandered upon (unless you're going for the awkward meandering sound).

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lol, the midi sounded like gameboy music.

i suggest you first learn a song on your guitar because it's easy on guitar pro to click random notes and think it works. also, i would work on one guitar and make that one sound good before adding harmony, because the harmony was... like in another key
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