my alt/grunge/funk rock band is playing at this very family-oriented annual street party thing and I'm gonna play some older stuff to please the crowd so they don't absolutely hate it lol. They'l be like 40-50 year olds so I was thinkin stuff from the 60's-80's, I'm doin Sweet home Alabama, Hotel California, any more suggestions?

I reposted here because apparently this isn't musician talk, however it is a branch of musician talk, god I've been on UG for over 2 years and probably posted in the wrong forum like at least 5 times but people used to answer you anyway out of sheer consideration e.g "oh poor stupid guy accidently posted in x forum instead of y forum"
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do Lola by the kinks. All the drunk middle agers will lose their ****.
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Pinball Wizard-The Who.

Thank me later.

EDIT: Stop whining. You posted in the wrong forum, you got reported. Boo hoo.
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Do some Bob Dylan or something, like Subterranean Homesick Blues. Maybe they'll like that.

And sorry to see that you got bashed by people on UG for posting in the wrong place. Some people here can be dicks about stupid mistakes like that.
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Horse with No Name - America
Signs - Five Man Electrical Band
Boston, maybe?
some acoustic Zeppelin numbers
House of the Rising Sun - Animals
Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
some power ballads from the 80s

That should get you started
Whiskey In A Jar - Thin Lizzy
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ten years gone-led zeppelin
house of the rising sun-the animals
saturday night-bay city rollers
ziggy stardust-bowie
layla-derek and the dominos
axis bold as love-hendrix
walk away-james gang
hard luck woman-kiss
daydream believer-the monkess
teenage dream-t-rex
i'd love to change the world-10 years after
american girl-tom petty and the heartbreakers
blowin in the wind-bob dylan
surfacing - slipknot
failure in the flesh - through the eyes of the dead

you suck if you dont do that
Eagle Rock - Daddy Cool
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