I am looking for a metal song with one of the most fascinating intros ever,but I just can't remember the title or the band,as it's been years!A heavy metal band with a kinda long name(obviously).The song started with an acoustic/clean electric sort of intro(sounded like a whole bunch of guitars playing),then came the power metal ,and finally the outro,same melody as the intro,making it seem as though it was playing on under the heavy parts through the whole song.(I realise this may be a desperate request,but if any1 has any hints whatsoever,please do tell.Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place,but I've just joined and can't my find my way around yet.)
should be in tab talk but hey, don't worry about it.
No idea what you're talking about hough sorry lol
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Dang, I hate when you like a song then you don't know the name and you can't listen to it again
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hey im new as well. just joined and i dont even know how to post threads
anyways back to that song
umm maybe something by bullet for my valentine?
I'm almost 100% positive it was not a Metallica song,but I'll check the rest of your suggestions.It wasn't the metal parts that fascinated me,just the intro.I'm guessing it's not a notorious band,otherwise I would recall the name.
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Cemetery Gates?

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Blind Guardian - Mordred's Song???
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Yeah, To Live Is To Die sounds quite likely, but to be honest there's so many things that it could be that you could be searching for a looooong time Any idea where you first heard it?
'twas at least 5 years ago,and dammit it's eating me up!Well,I guess it's fine to have lost a melody,the idea of something I can't quite remember and might never find.To Live Is To Die has indeed a quite neat intro though.
Did the intro happen to sound like a drill or something?
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Shadows Fall?
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Hallowed Be Thy Name-Iron Maiden?
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Shadows Fall?

I beleive you would be referencing The Light that Blinds or Those Who Cannot Speak but the outro doesn't end the same way as the intro in either of those songs.
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I was thinking either Metallica - Battery, or Machine Head - Clenching the Fists of Dissent
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Record yourself humming the tune or something and post a link to it. I think we're all as lost as you with the small amount of clues you gave us.
Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden maybe? I don't really listen to power metal much so that's the closest I can think of that fits your description.
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Neither of the abovementioned Iron Maiden songs,it couldn't have been such a famous band,I would've remembered.Damn,I am one step before recording a humming(lol!),but I cannot catch it on the guitar.Sorry if I am waisting your time here,but I din't know where else to turn.Besides, I'm discovering some quite great song intros here.Thanks for your replies evry1,if u have any more suggestions please post.
Seems to me a lot of the people in this thread now are just listing songs with clean intros. It needs to end with the same thing it started with, guys, read the first post.

But yeah, what subgenre is falls into would help a lot.
Can you remember any lyrics, vocal style, song length, or even figure out one of the main riffs in power chords then post a tab or recording?

The more you remember, the more likely it is that someone can give you the name.
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Bruce Dickinson-Iron Maiden

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so you want a metal song with a cool acoustic intro, and melody? thanks, that really narrows it down.

opeth comes to mind, sounds like half of their songs.
How long is the song?
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opeth comes to mind, sounds like half of their songs.

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then came the power metal

I can't recall a time when Opeth sounded anything like Power Metal.
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Sadness and Hate by Wintersun?
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maybe Dream Theater ? Ensiferum have also loads of accoustic intros/outros and they're quite melodic. Or Annihilator ?
Oh my God!That was it!To live is to die!When kenan suggested it I was in a really loud place and couldn't hear it right,so I told my friend to look it up and he confirmed it.That was the song we heard some years ago from some other guy's record.It appears he had messed the tracks and placed a Metallica song into another band's cd,whose name I couldn't remember.That's why I was looking for a not so famous band,Metallica would have been the last I'd check!I find it hard to believe they'd written an intro better than One and Nothing Else Matters but it turns out they did.Thanks a million for all your posts,I learned of some quite interesting songs.
I dont like the intro to one or nothing else matters... The intro to live is to die is awesome.
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