I started back at school today and I'm doing Advanced Art which means that I can choose basically any type of Art to do for the year and I've decided to focus on a few of my favorites, Airbrushing, Graffiti and Tattoo Design/Body Art.

Now over the course of the year I'm going to be painting massive wall murals on some of the school buildings for my major assessment task in Graffiti and I was thinking of doing a few album covers amongst some of the other things like giant game sprites, but I got to thinking earlier and I don't know too many 'graffiti-able' album covers, so I come here to ask you for some suggestions.

What I'm basically after is something along the lines of the cover for 'Light Grenades' by Incubus, which is the only one that came to mind right away. Here it is for those who don't know what it looks like.

Does anyone else know any other covers that have a similar design to them?
Any suggestions would be appreciated (Regardless if it's an album cover or not, I'm still looking for other things to do).

Thanks guys.
Go through the artwork of Brandon and Jose.
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