hey there. greg from the surviving members here. you've probably (not) heard of me. anyways, check out our band profile to hear our new song. theres more to come as well, hopefully an EP in the near future, and def a few youtube videos.

our style is kind of a melting pot of melodic rock, acoustic rock, classic/blues, and some progressive rock (not metal! no dream theater stuff here.)

the members are:

greg s. rhythm and lead guitar, vocals
nick m. lead and rhythm guitar.
spencer g. drums, guitar.

so hopefully ill be updating this thread every so often with new materials, photos, songs, vids, and banners.

also check us out at http://survivingmembers.artist.dmusic.com
unfortunately the servers are down there right now so no streaming, but in the future thats where covers will be for licensing reasons.
all right guys, got lots of new stuff here for you today.

first off, you can watch our video on youtube now. i opened a topic in original recordings here. i havent had a chance to ask nick what the song name is yet, so its just "untitled."

you can also review our song "whys she gone?" in original recordings here.

the surviving members are also now on purevolume.com here. you can hear both songs mentioned above, as well as download "untitled" free.

we also want to thank [REDSTORM] for making us an awesome band logo, which you can see in our profile. unfortunately purevolume has it cropped poorly.

thats about all for now. peace out!