I am saving up to buy a new guitar and i'm sure I want a fender or squier, should i buy a
squier for £150 or a fender mexican or standard strat for almost twice the price?
dude, i reckon u go with the fender, you'll be glad you didn't get the squire in the end.
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Definitely the Mexican, if you can pull it off.
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i'd say save up a bit and upgrade to a better amp, squiers aren't half bad through a decent amp. but if you really want a new guitar defintiely go for a fender, the feel of it will be much better, and will probably be easier for you to play which is a huge plus. if i were you i'd save for a genuine fender, as long as it was at least a standard, there really wouldn't be much point and buying another squier.
get the standard strat. You'll be able to use it forever. As opposed to the squire which you'll use until you figure out how terrible it's tone and playability are at which point, you'll wish you had bought the standard strat.
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if you hadn't bought the damn MG than you'd have enough money for the strat
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fender, no doubt. you'll feel better for it in the long run.




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Mexicans are your best bet - Squiers are pieces of ****.
Yo bro.
He was just saying the MGs aren't worth it that's all. (A)
Yo bro.
I own both. If you get a Squier, you will eventually upgrade to a Fender. If you buy a Fender, you definitely won't get a Squier!! Squier's are good for practicing, and I suppose if you got a Squier, then decided strats don't suit you, you won't lose as much money, but if you're 100% certain a strat is what you want - Fender all the way.
any other day i would probably say to keep saving for the fender
but yesterday a tried a fender standard p bass VS a squier VM p bass
and really the squier is awesome considering is 200$ cheaper
the major diference was the pups the strings and the wood
if i were you i would buy a squier VM and new strings
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You already have a Squier, why would you want another.

And get yourself a proper amp.
Real fender...At least a Mexican. I played squiers and they really do suck. Crap pickups, crap neck, crap everything.
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The Mexican Strats are a great value. They're also a good platform to upgrade as you get better and/or have more disposable cash.
The fender is well worth it but i do still like squiers even though i own 2 fenders.

honestly though, squiers aren't bad, and you will get much more of an upgrade in tone from a new amp - you won't hear the difference through a marshall MG.
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What's wrong with the strat you have now?

Going from one strat to another seems silly.


...and buy a new amp
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OK quit whining man and get a grip, people are trying to help you out so ignore the criticisms and speak your mind.

I say MIM Fender, I have one as a second guitar which cost half as much as my main one and almost plays just as well (needs slightly lower action). I've played Squiers, and they're fine but they deffinetly have a dull sound (pickups and wood) but other than that you might even prefer the unpolished finish on the neck which some people prefer (in fact it's the same kind of finish on shred guitars.) [/end advice]

So what are you gonna do? Get the Squier? Fender? Save up? Get a better amp? It's normal to change ones mind...I think that getting a new amp would be a better investment, your amp is fine for time being but there's a reason everyone is telling you to upgrade yours. We're all intelligent (epic generalisation but..) and through clever deductions we have reason to believe you should upgrade your amp. [/patronisation]

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Mexicans are your best bet - Squiers are pieces of ****.

If you get the squier jagmaster, you won't be dissapointed. It has amazing tone. I do agree the squier strats suck
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This is where my ranting begins.

I A/Bed a Squier Affinity Tele and a fender Mexican standard tele. I can say this, I could not justify the £200 price difference, at all. They felt and sounded almost identical. In fact because of the price of the Squier I fell in love with it, it chimed and jangled just like it should. The neck was smooth and chunky just like it should be. When I played the mexican, it was just "meh", overpriced for what it is. Squier with a few upgrades to hardware and pups would wipe the floor with a MIM.

I've not played the Affinity strat, but I absoloutely despise mexican fender standard strats. I'd save yourself some money. Try them both out.

Squier make some brilliant products, just look at the Jamaster, the 51, the affinity tele. It's not fair just to disregard them all just because of the bullet.
thanks all, i think i'll save up say £200 and try out the jagmaster vs the fender strat and see which i prefer.

Then buy a new amp.
go for a genunine fender, mexican if your budget is restricted, Japanese if you have a bit more or if you can an American Fender ... think about secondhand too..