I own an Ibanez Rg370DX, and well, it fell and the neck snapped lol.

Its my back-up guitar, so I'm not really crying over it, but it's a pain not having it.

Now, bassically the inscurance is gonna pay for the repair, but speaking to the gy in the shop its gonna be cheaper replacing the neck than to repair it.

So I had a look on ebay, but am unsure what to look for.
Theres no necks that match my exact guitar, or I wouldnt have a problem.
But will a prestige neck or somerthing fit on mine?

A list of appropriate necks would be superb, thanks again UG.
jus search for a wizard 2 neck (i think rg's have wizard 2, but double check), it should fit yours fine - cause they are standard for all rg's
Yes, do search on Ebay and Craigslist for an 'Ibanez Wizard II/2 Neck'

Check also if you want for a parts RG, there should be an RG out there (most of the time) being parted out by the seller and most likely it'll have a Neck available.

Goodluck on your search.
Check out warmoth, i think they can make Wizard II's, im not too sure about the neck pocket though...
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